An antagonist in A Lady's Quest. While he has no real name, he now goes under the nickname, Shrow'd. He mysteriously appears during the events of Chapter Four to bring havok. He's a loner who has a mysterious past which apparently banished him from society long ago.



About 20 years ago, a young child and his father went on a journey. The young child was being trained because his father was dying. Cursed by an ancient stone that gave him the ability to re-animate the dead, immediately after his father's death, he became engraged easily, causing him to accidently kill a significant number of people. After running for a long period of time, he took on the identity known as Shrow'd.

Chapter FourEdit

He first appears in the forest, deciding to begin his vengence by making a question mark out of purple flames. The flames grow larger and begin to set the forest on fire. After the fire grows considerbly, children begin to warn a near by town's citizens about the fire in the woods that is growing faster and faster. Four warriors from the town travel into the forest in an attempt to put out the flames, but they are all murdered by him. Shrow'd then questions a small child and learns of the adventures of the heroes of the story. Realizing that the only way to truly make society pay for their crimes would be by killing their heroes, (a.k.a their hope), he makes a giant burning question mark in the sky for all heroes to see. He then has the fire fall onto the town in an attempt to bring fear into the heroes. He then moves across the land, setting fire behind him and making a "Trail of Ashes" for the heroes to follow to him. Brendan, Lezzen, Jencks, Geldon and Aiesha see his mark and follow the trail that the entity has created. Meanwhile, Shrow'd uses his powers to create a flame demon/devil, after giving him a metal pole that will turn into a pitchfork (representing the devil's weapon), he vanishes, leaving the flame demon to confront the heroes.

As Brendan and the rest of the group confronted the demon, Shrow'd had made it very far away from the woods, hoping that he could learn more about what the heroes fear most. He began to search for his target, while sensing the presence of the battle between Brendan and the demon. After confronting an old man who knew about the events of the previous chapters, he learned of the foes of the heroes. He slaughtered the old man and waited for Brendan and his allies to arrive. He then snuck up on them as they reunited with Kathra. He held her hostage, and then confronted Brendan in a one-on-one battle on the ground, and eventually in the air. He revealed his mysterious past to Brendan, and then showed him his damaged face. After crashing them into the ground, he revealed his was hunting the heroes enemies, and told Brendan to find one of his friends (Alferion) because he was dying by the hands of one of his enemies. He told Brendan that they would meet again after he saved his friend. He then used his magic to create a purple flame dragon around him, and revealed that his nickname would be Shrow'd. He then flew off into the night.


He is psychotic, cold, and a quick thinker. He always has a plan to strike down his enemies.



The entity is a master with purple fire. He can create it, control it, shape it into different forms, and use it in many different ways. After training alone with this magic for many years, he has learned how to control the fire so that it can come as close as possible to him without burning himself.


The Dark Ruby SwordEdit

The entity has a blade made out of a dark ruby. It is made of an ancient dark stone, which has mysterious powers. Not much is known about the stone.


Shrow'd has no known history of family or lovers.