Orescese is a mysterious man who acts as both one of the Divine Dragon Elders and a spy for them as well.


Chapter ThreeEdit

Orescese lived as the "insane man" in Monust, where he gave Gerosin knowlege on how to defeat Krotosen. Later, he is seen speaking with Krotosen, claiming that he is stronger than Krotosen, even when Krotosen had The Key.

Chapter FourEdit

Orescese turns out to be one of the three Divine Dragon Elders. He remains quiet when Sogelius and Gerosin are conversing; only speaking when adressed. He explains that he helped Gerosin to defeat Krotosen only because Krotosen posed a threat once again. When Shrow'd attacked the Divine Dragon Realm, Orescese escaped with the other Divine Dragon Elders, unable to be found by the public as well.