Lezzen Luther



Hair Color

Long Dirty Blonde Hair

Eye Color

Dark Green






Kunai Knives


Raphores (Father), Perian (Mother), Brendan (Younger Brother)





First Appearance

Chapter Three

Brendan's sister


Lezzen, who is the sister of Brendan and the daughter of Raphores and Perian. Before Verenrath's murder she lived with her brother and her parents. She was a very laid back girl and she didn't always want to give her younger brother attention but she still loved him. She usually stays in her room or takes walks around the town and basically just lounging around.

When Verenrath attacked little is known of what happened to Lezzen except that it was obvious that she must had run away after Perian was murdered and the darkness entered Raphores heart.

Chapter 3Edit

In Chapter 3, Lezzen was the traveling woman Brendan was looking for in order to get the 3rd soul shard. Brendan encountered her inside the ancient desert temple and fought Brendan because she thought that Brendan didn't care about thier family or thier mother in particular. Because of the confusing and the darkness fogging her heart she attacked Brendan in anger. After a rought battle, she began to plunge the final blow into Brendan when suddenly she had a flashback of the past and how truthful her brother always was. After the vision she was contacted with H2H by the spirit of her mother. Her mother told her that she was always in her heart and that she was never really dead except in a physical sense. When this occured she passed out and said softly to Brendan that she was terribly sorry and that she knows the truth now. She is currently still uncounscious.

Chapter 4Edit

After the Guardian fled from the tower. Lezzen awakened. Lezzen apologized to Brendan sincerly for what she did back in the Desert Temple and promised that she would never try to harm him and not believe him ever again. After a short moment of sibling love, everyone began to head there seperate ways. Lezzen decided that Brendan and Jencks should go to a certain village she knows about. As far as she knew, the village held a tournament that came around once a year. Her brother thought that was a good idea and Lezzen led the group to the village. As they were heading to the village, Aiesha and Geldon joined the group. When they arrived Lezzen and everyone else in the group signed up for the tournament and went to the training arena. After 2 days of training the tournament began. When her brother finished fighting a large ? shaped purple flame fell down onto the village burning everyone except for the people within the arena thanks to Brendan. Brendan quickly led the group down a Trail of Ashes and it led her and the others to a fire demon that resembled the devil himself. After a fierce battle the demon was killed by Brendan. All Lezzen did in the fight was try to fight it off with clones and water. Brendan quickly led the group towards the dark presence and a Golden Knight appeared. The Golden Knight challenged Brendan to a fight and was quickly defeated. Brendan tried to lead the group again some ways but was once again blocked by the Golden Knight and the knight revealed herself to be Kathra. Kathra joins the group and Brendan lead the group onward. Eventually The Mysterious Entity known as Shey'd appeared. Lezzen tried to help but was knocked back by the flames. Her brother fought with Shey'd and eventually he was knocked out. When Brendan awoke he told them what he learned from Shey'd and Brendan decided to lead the group to where Alf and Ashen were fighting 2 Borkiseigel clones at....


It was revealed that Lezzen is a ninja or was trained in the art of ninjas as she can use magic jutsus and she also use Katanas as weapons. Because she's a ninja her attacks are stealthy and swift. She can keep her self hidden far better than any of the characters so far.

Special attacksEdit

Clone Attack (Attacks with several solid clones) Shadow Strike (Hides in the shadows and then stikes her foe) Ultimate Ninjutsu: Whirling Lightning! (Crosses her kunais knives and creates a powerful whirlwind energy around one knife and lightning on the other. She plunges the whirlwind knife first in her foe which causes them to fly and then plunges the lightning infused one with the other causing massive damage to her foe.)