Krotosen is the older brother of Gerosin and plotted to overthrow the Divine Dragon Elders. His powers include turning into water, using waves of water to attack his opponets, and wielding an oversized sword.



Krotosen is the older brother of Gerosin. When he was younger, he posed a threat to the Divine Dragon Elders and so he, Gerosin and their mom went on the run. He later betrayed his Group by selling Gerosin to Bokrisiegel, who then sold Gerosin to Darren and he imprisoned his own mother, both in exchange for soldiers to assist him when he attacked the Divine Dragon Elders. The attack failed and Krotosen was killed in the attack. However, Bokrisiegel found his body, and revived him using a certain spell, that turned Krotosen into a mummy. Krotosen couldn't be killed, but he was horrified of his new shape. He tried to research ways of restoring himself to his previous form... (not mentioned in ALQ or if so, YoshiYoshi couldn't find exactly where...not sure which one)

Chapter TwoEdit

Krotosen is first seen doing deals to get money, such as hunting down Brendan to retrieve Raphores sword. He even works with Legions Ressurection with various figures such as Verenrath, Kelco, and his old accomplise, Bokrisiegel. In trying to retrieve Raphores sword, he comes across Gerosin yet again (well actually Gerodan, but Gerosin is a part of Gerodan so...). It is then revealed that he is Gerosin's older brother. Gerodan is able to hold Krotosen off for a while, until he flees. He then quits his deal with Raphores and goes "missing for a while." Sir Homkronite alerts Gerosin that The Key has been stolen. It isn't mentioned there, but Krotosen is the theif. Also, he approaches his old group with Verenrath, Bokrisiegel, Jonco, and Kelco and is rejected for having plans besides Legion's Ressurection. (The group did not know it was actually Krotosen)

Chapter ThreeEdit

Laying LowEdit

Krotosen is in hiding with the Key for a while. In the meantime, his drones Malice and Exile do his dirty work. Also, Krotosen gets the help of Rhade in the release of the Guardian. Krotosen later reveals himself to Gerosin (dramatically) as the theif and reveals his plan and why he has stolen the Key

Krotosen's Revenge PlanEdit

Krotosen reveals that he wasn't happy with his mummified self. And so, he snuck away from the Ressurection group so that he could silently and stealthily take the Key away from the Tower of Digrestor. The Key had the ability to return Krotosen to his original self, so Krotosen returned to human form. He then left the Tower and went into hiding for a while. Malice and Exile appeared to him and followed his every move, seeing as how they were instructed to be the servants of the keeper of the Key. Krotosen then planned to unleash the Guardian and steal its power. He then in turn, would use that power to crush Bokrisiegels group. Then, he would steal all of their power so he could unleash hell upon the Divine Dragon Empire. He would then enslave his old kingdom, just as he planned to do in his teenage years.

Sibling RivalryEdit

Krotosen basically shoes Gerosin away after revealing his plan to destroy his old empire. In the meantime, he makes Rhade his equal in his plan, regardless of the huge difference in their intentions. He is then challenged by Gerosin and loses. He is slain by Gerosin and the Key is stolen from him.