Korgen is one of the main protagonists of the RPG. He is an Oracle.



Some time ago he and his sister grew up together in a town called Nepher.

One day Darren set off from the village and came back evil. Darren set the whole village on fire supposedly killing Korgen's Father, Geldon, and killing his mother, Elizibeth. Aiesha, Korgen's sister, went after Darren when he left the town to be destroyed. Aiesha sent Korgen to Jekuthial to learn how to fight with the sword, and Aiesha gave him special purple and black armor. After a year he went after Darren, and Darren tricked him into serving him to free Aiesha. Korgen had learned that he could copy abilities, and copied Darren's 1000 sword move, a move that strikes a thousand times then a final pierce. Korgen quickly diverted from him knowing what he was up against. Korgen went to Jekuthial for help, but he couldn't help that much at all. Another year went by and a rogue came by with the name of Kelco. Korgen had learned Blackened Stealth, a move that causes you to be unseen, from him by using a new mechanic called 'Scan'. Kelco then said something about needing revenge on the Oracles, those who can copy ones abilities and apply them ten fold. Korgen got scared about this news, and quickly declined his plea for help, sadly he ended up joining Darren later on. Another 2 years pass and a group passes by when he was hunting, one named Alf Deotrano. He quickly joined knowing that they were also after Darren. After getting new allies and warping to the Tower of Digrestor. Climbing to the top, they found Aiesha there with her pet dragon from the Tower itself named,Lyla. They reached to the top and fought Darren, the red gargoyle, Darren's pet, came and Korgen learned Red X Beam from him. After defeating that menace they journeyed far and long. They acquired new allies, one being Razorok, a female phoenix that fell from the sky in a boulder. Siervo, his great great grandfather came to him one day, stopping time, went to help him by teaching him moves. As of which he learns the following Poison stab, Flash, Cyclone, Thunder bolt, Teleport, Annihilation beam, mystic guard, oracle aspect, voilet attack, Psyche up, and many more still not learned. After fighting off a big horde of nues his armor broke and was poisoned, Ashen found a way to heal him though. After traveling Siervo took Korgen into the past using a combination of his spells, Flash, Cyclone, Teleport. He went to fight Gelco the prince of the black mages, aka The Forbidden. After that Jonco the king of black mages followed him into the present. After fighting him nearly to his death he joined with Kelco who was supposedly dead after Fravir had nearly killed him. Both found Bokrisiegel and followed him for a while. After fighting Jonco he cursed Korgen sending his father, Larikai's spirit into him, later being released by Brendan using his powers to upgrade Korgen's necklace whom he got from his mother that now gives Korgen extra power and fully free Korgen. Larikai then took Jonco and Kelco and entered the past to fight off Geldon to stop Korgen from being born. Siervo then went to the past to stall them. Meanwhile Korgen and the others continue by returning to the Tower of Digrestor, and back out. Darren then attacks using his spirit and was finely ended, but this caused another Villain to occur that sealed Ashen's spirit. Korgen helped by getting a Soul Shard along with Gerosin and Brendan. The three resurrected her soul back, then they went to the Tower of Digrestor to fight the final battle of the third chapter. Korgen went to the past to help but Siervo knocked him back to the present to finish matters. Then...





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