Kathra Maye



Hair Color

Dirty Blonde Long Hair in a ponytail style

Eye Color

Dark Blue


Brendan, Jencks, Geldon, Aiesha, Lezzen, Alf, Ashen




Golden Long Sword







First Appearance

Chapter 4

Kathra Maye is a boastful, overconfident lady knight that first appears in Chapter 4.


(Nothing is known for now...)

Chapter 4Edit

Kathra made her first appearence when Brendan and his group were in a village training arena preparing for a tournament. Kathra approached Brendan after she had noticed what kind of skills he was using. She told Brendan that his skills were pretty good but that he had a long ways to go and that him nor any of his friends would make it even through the first round of the tournament. Brendan simply told her that it did not matter to him or his friends if they lost or not and that him and his group were simply doing this to test their skills out and then head out to do more important things. Kathra didn't really care and simply called him a kid and walked off. Later after the destruction of the village by The Mysterious Entity, Kathra dressed as the Golden Knight went after Brendans group due to the fact that the tournament was rudely intrupted by the entity. The Golden Knight (Kathra) challenged Brendan and was easily defeated by him and was knocked unconcious. She quickly regained conciousness and blocked Brendan's path again and was upset about his group leaving her behind like that and then she revealed herself to them. She joined the group since she was curious as to what kind of skills Brendan had and also to get revenge on The Mysterious Entity for ruining the tournament. When Brendan's group went down the "Trail of Ashes" they encountered a fire demon that resembled The Devil himself. Kathra simply watched as Brendan and his friends defeated the demon. Afterwards the group began to follow the presence of The Mysterious Entity and suddenly Kathra was snatched up by the entity and was held hostage. Brendan tried to work things out with the entity and he spared Kathra's life but knocked her unconcious by using his flames. After the fierce battle between Mysterious Entity (now revealed to be named Shrow'd) and Brendan, Kathra awakens and Brendan began to tell her and the others about what Shrow'd had told him and what he had seen. Kathra saw that letting Shrow'd live was pointless and that he was simply a psycho and needed to die. Brendan was dissapointed in what Kathra said and simply told her that maybe one day she'll understand. Brendan decided that the group would now go look for Shrow'd to find out the location of where the evil that cursed him is located at so that they could destroy it to free Shrow'd from his curse. Brendan then led the group to where Alf, Ashen, and two Borkisiegel clones were fighting. When they got there, She, Brendan, and the others watched as Alf used one of his special moves (Arrow Shockwave) and then aid him immediatly afterwards. When Brendan finished healing Alf, Kathra told him that his technique was not that great and that he was unskilled and needed to train and learn a lot more before she or anybody else could be better then her. Alf couldn't understand why she was so confident and boastful about herself and Brendan simply told him that one day she'll learn. Jencks then proceeded to lead the group to where Ashen is and the quest continues...


Kathra is a sassy, overconfident, boastful woman who thinks of herself as the most strongest warrior that ever exsists in the world.


(Nothing known at the moment...)