Druid Magic is the magic of the Druids, an ancient order of priests devoted to nature. It is the primary magic casted by Aurelius, the last druid. This brand of magic is mainly good but can be used to create great destruction. It focuses on the energies that lie in the natural world.

The Cycle of the ElementsEdit

"There is the water from where all life originates yet is brutal enough to tear down mountains. The earth follows for it survives off the water. The trees, the ground, and everything in between belongth to the earth. The third force arises from nature but not contained by it: Combustion. Conflicting energy resulting in fiery explosions that consumeth all in its path. And finally there is the air, the universal peacemaker. The wind rules the sea, thus ruling the earth, and can subdue or expel fire." - Aurelius in Chapter Four

The druids' powers revolved around the four elements that shaped the world: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air.

Water: The Beginning of Life. All life stems from water and water fuels the earth. Although it is peaceful in nature, water is strong enough to shape canyons and tear down mountains. The water element doesn't refer to just the liquid but also other states like fog and ice.

Earth: The Present. The Earth is the constantly changing, living world that is the root of all druid powers. The earth element contains the plants and the physical ground. It has the most variations of all the elements.

Fire: The End of Life. When polar forces of energy collide the result is combustion, or fire. The wildest of the elements, fire is the hardest element to manipulate. It constantly destroys the earth and all that the water creates. Lightning is also a form of combustion, seeing as it is the result of polar energy explosions.

Air: The Peacemaker. Air has the power to fuel fire as well as direst oceans. Because it controls both the beginning and the end of life, the druids consider it to be the most powerful of the four. All life requires the air of the planet and it can be as destructive as it is assisting.

Energy TechniquesEdit

Meditation: The core of all druid abilities is meditation. Without a lax mind and union with the living world, none of the spells or techniques can be performed. A simple meditation requires the druid to sit on the ground, legs crossed, eyes closed, and breathing deeply. Once the connection is made with nature, the druid can perform the other abilities. The more experienced the druid, the easier the connection is to make.

Harvesting: A basic druid technique. When a druid is connected with nature they can remove energy from other living things and energy lost in nature. This could vary from trees that have been cut down to waves crashing against boulders to even dying animals. There is a method to harvest the energy from another human being but because the druids believed in sustaining life, the method was lost throughout the centuries.

Harvesting Wild Energy: An advanced druid technique. By meditating on energy that is not being used in nature and does not belong to any one living being, the expert druid can gather it and use it themselves.

Transferring: The sister to Harvesting. Once an amount of energy is removed from one living being it can be placed into another. Without Transferring, Harvesting would be useless. Energy could be transferred from plants to people, from plants to plants, from people to people, and all other possibilities. Aurelius frequently transfers stored energy from his staff into himself.

Elemental SpellsEdit


Purifying: A simpler druid technique.

Healing Rain:


Plant Manipulation: One of the most frequently used druid techniques. Plant manipulation involves controlling trees, bushes, and other vegetation as if they were puppets. Once the druid has the plant uproot itself from the ground, the plant mimics the druid's motions. The experienced druid can perform this spell without showing the plant any direction. Aurelius most often uses this ability to have the trees clear a way for a path.

Overgrowth: ranges in application. Overgrowth refers to a druid's ability to have a plant grow at a rapid pace. The faster the pace and the weaker the concentration, the weaker the new plant is. Only a full druid can perform the overgrowth spell successfully at a faster pace.


Pillar of Fire: