Dezeren is a person who will make his debut in Chapter Four. Up until now, nobody has ever heard of him.


Kidnapped from his birth parents a few days after birth, he was raised by fake parents who spoiled him and had too much money to count. He developed a bond with them, thinking they were his real parents. He was given lesson on proper English, sword fighting, and sorcery (although he could never learn magic). He also developed in the skills of repairing things and quick reactions.

After he hit about 13 years old, he overheard his current parents saying he was not their real son. This confused him, and he had wanted to run away and find out where his true parents are, but waited out a few years before doing so. During the stalling years, he got spoiled even more, and built onto his current skills.

At age 15, he booked it from ‘home” and ran into the Razakai woods. There, he almost died, until he found Zesat and took a year and a half worth of lessons from him in the ways of Archery. He eventually got a bomb arrow after his master was about to die, and blew up his home town. From there, he remained in the woods for a year and a half…

At age 18, he ran into Aurelius, and with his helped, he escaped the woods and started hunting for his parents. ==

Chapter Four==

It starts off as Dezeren kills his "dad". Usami, his "mom" escapes, and this plays a crucial role in the future. Dezeren then meets the old druid Aurelius. Together, they escape the Razakai woods, and Dezeren helps Aurelius out with his book. After a bloody encounter in the city with his "family", they head north. On the way, they encounter two hired men, paid by Usami, who are Vuam and Vumbo. They kidnap Dezeren, and Aurelius saves him. Once that is over, the go back towards the city. Once they get there, the two split up, and the following day, Dezeren has his bow broken by a group of bandits. It's also there he discovers where his real dad is by a friend of his, after he took Dezeren out of harm's way. Dezeren ditches the druid, and heads to the Port town ehere his dad resides. On the way again, Vuam and Vumbo attack him again, but Dezeren manages to kill Vumbo as Vuam runs. He eventually gets to the city. After a little bit of searching, he finds his dad. Once the two talk a little bit, Dezeren see's his druid pal in the city too, and follows him.

Once he meets with Aurelius, he sneaks into a house for a talisman, but has a little fun first. Once the games were over, he went the old man and stole the talisman., Aurelius did a ritual, but it failed, and Dezeren decided to follow his dad into the Drath Continent to look for his mother. Once there, he isnt welcomed well, and learns of the guresome history for the Nishvada. He is then treated like an enemy, and hides in the woods, and has an encounter with Shrow'd. It wasn't warm, but he lived. After some rest, he finds his trusty steed, Hadar. He also had a bout with Vuam, but let him live...

Chapter 5Edit

Right after the fight between the heos and Shrow'd starts, Dezeren takes a peek at the scene, he then goes to rescue his father, and nearly dies doing so. After coming out on un-consciousness, he gets a nice little visit from his friend Vuam, who dezeren finishes off, and then decides to join the heroes... after some resting. Once he joined the heroes, he set up in town, an helped them take the Guardian down. Once he gets to know the names of all the people in the little crew, the name if his bow is revealed, and some tensions rise. Once they are sublte, they proceed to find Fravir, while Dezeren seeks his horse. He goes back to the rest, and decides to stick with them. More Drath come, and he asks about the Nishvada. This shocks the nw guys, and they refuse to tell a tale. At night, Dezeren decides to toss his bow into the ocean, and loses it...

After the loss of his trusty weapon, he takes one he stole from the talisman jerk, and uses that. He has a dream about the Nishvada, and then decides he sort of needs it back, but after the tournament from Darthkind is over. After the tournament, he helped Alf with his archery a little. He then interfered with Alf and Ashen and got beat down for it. Later on, he ran across Barthan and Marcus, and lied to them and got his broken bow back. Once he gets his bow, he takes off to the port and buys a boat for himself. Halfway through his sailing journey, he realized he forgot some money and went back for it. He then met up with everyone else and learned about the essentia stones.


Dezeren prefers to try and assist those who he feels are in need. He will not hesitate to kill anything that poses a treat to him. He is also usually very independent.

Weapon preference===

Dezeren is upmost in line with a bow. He knows some swordplay, but he never used it. He sticks to Archery, for the food he has to kill for is too dangerous up-close.

Perosnal goals in life===

Dezeren wants to find out more of who he is. All he was taught was a fake history with his Foster parents. He seeks the truth once and for all....