Brendan Luther


Male-played by BrandonCDi

Hair Color

Medium Length Dark Blonde Hair

Eye Color

Pure Green


Alf, Ashen, Fravir, Gerosin, Saritonia




The Sacred Areoblade


Raphores (Father) Perian (Mother) Lezzen (Older Sister)


Hero (Chosen One)


Light and The Silver Light of Divinity

First Appearance

Chapter Two

Brendan Luther is the son of Raphores. He is the embodiment of the Chosen One: Lyianus.



Brendan was not in Chapter one, however at the time of this chapter he was living with his father just as he was in the beginning of Chapter 2.

Chapter TwoEdit

Brendan had just turned 18 just a few weeks ago. He constantly was trying to get his father to train him to sword fight but he always said that he never had the time to do it or simply to leave him alone. Brendan decides to go fishing and that when he returns he would leave unless his father would change for the better. When he returned it turned out his father had not changed at all. He decided that if he didn't care he would just leave and take what was most precious to his father, The Sacred Aeroblade. His mind was set that he would go on a journey and learn how to fight with a sword and would never return to see his father again.

Later Brendan came up towards a group which was the group that had defeated Darren not too long ago. Brendan decided to completely ignore their existence and continued onward. Suddenly one of the men, Alf, stopped him to figure out why he didn't acknowledge that they where there. For a moment, Brendan just continued moving forward, but Alf was determined to get an answer from him. After a short conversation with Alf he told him about his father and about how horrible he was. Alf decided that he should come with them since he came from a pretty rough life and he trained him in the ways of the sword. After some time Alf taught him how to use his own hidden powers which was revealed to be fusion after he fused with Alf which created a new hero: Aldan. After some time experimenting with his new form they eventually unfuse and start to travel through the forest that lead up to the mountains. After some time they arrived at the mountains and decided to rest near them. Brendan decided that everyone should split up through them so that they could all cover more grounds. Meanwhile, Raphores had summoned Krotosen, an evil mummified man better known as Gerosins brother. Raphores sent him out to get his sword back and to bring his son back as well just so he could make him more miserable than he was already. As the group rests Brendan began to have a nightmare which lead to him being attacked by an evil villan known as Verenrath. Verenrath was able to attack him in his sleep while still harming him in real life. Brendan was awakened by the others and he discovered that he was actually cut in the same place that Verenrath had attacked him at! Suddenly a dark presence was felt by Rhade and Linda and they headed out to find out what was going on. Later Gerosin went off as well to fight off the dark presence that was revealed to be Krotosen. Soon later on after several things had occured and the fight and night had passed, the group headed through the mountains into different groups. Brendan paired up with Gerosin and Fravir and they went deep into the mountains until they went into a cave, which was blocked by a weak stone wall. After exploring for some time Krotosen appeared again and knocked Fravir out and threw Brendan and Gerosin deep within a hole inside the cave. Brendan knew that they alone couldn't defeat him so Brendan began to enter fusion mode and began to glow silver and fused with Gerosin to create: Geordan. After a fierce battle Krotosen ran off after and left Gerodan in a strange vision which revealed some of Georsins past. Because Brendan was still fused he was able to witness part of Gerosins past. After the vision Geordan flew out of the cave using dragon wings and headed back to the group which where waiting for them on top of a mountain. After a climb down the mountain Geordan and the others arrived in Alf's hometown which was destroyed by Bokrisiegel years ago. After some time Gerodan decided that he would rest up since he had just gotten finished with a battle not long ago. Once again another nightmare occured and Georsin and Brendan were seperated in a strange dark dream town. Georsin was attacked by Verenrath and Brendan tried to save him but wasn't skilled enough to help. Luckily Fravir appeared within the dream with Saritona and temporarily chased him off. Once the dream was over, Gerodan awakened and decided to see what Alf and the others where up to. After a short conversation, Gerodan walked off to explore the town some more and was attacked by Krotosen again while Alf and Fravir were attacked by Bokrisiegel. After a long battle, Gerodan managed to defeat him with a incredible attack which was a large silver slash beam that on impact, caused a massive explosion. Krotosen was defeated...or so they though. After the attack Brendan and Gerosin had unfused and Brendan was injured but not severly and Gerosin was uncounsious. Some time later Brendan once again took a nap as he was exhausted from the last battle and slept. Brendan had a dream about his past and about how things once where when his father loved him and when his mother and sister where alive and together as well. Eventually the dream showed what happened that night and Brendan once again had to relive the horror of his mothers murder and the darkness entering his fathers heart. It was also revealed that his sister was missing. After the dream was over Verenrath appeared and told him that he had two choices and that was either to abandon his friends or stay with them while he kills them off one by one. When the dream ended Brendan decided that he did not want to put his friends lives in jepoardy and decided to leave them behind. After some walking he arrived at a beach and decide swim out. However, Verenrath had broken his arm in the dream he had just had moments ago. Determined, Brendan swam out to where he thought he saw a boat only to reveal that it was just a mirage. Brendan drowned and became unconsious. Georsin discovered that Brendan had ran off and rushed off to save him along with Fravir. As Brendan was uncounsious throughout some time through the chapter he began to communicate heart to heart with his mother who had passed on years ago. While Brendan was still out, Raphores decided to get his son back on his own. Raphores went through all the areas that the group had went through previously and eventually arrived on the group. Suddenly the darkness from within his heart began to consume him and a monstorous version of Darren materialized and used Raphores as his puppet. Brendan eventually awakened and began to furiously attack Darren. Darren went after Fravir and Brendan jumped to push Fravir out the way and the result was the two fusing to create: Fradan. Fradan used a combination of the Aeroblade and the Masumae and defeated Darren and managed to save Raphores from the darkness. Before Darren was defeated however, Gerosin had been in Darens grip and was destroyed by him but he managed to escape by using combustion. After the battle Fravir and Brendan unfused and thus Chapter 2 comes to an end.

Chapter ThreeEdit

At the start of Chapter 3, Brendan began to regain his relationship with his father. Raphores began to train Brendan in the ways of the sword just as he wanted to for all those years. Later Alf and Ashen went seperate ways with the group and Brendan and everyone else went of to the Tower of Digsrestor. Later they meet a man that begins to explain an important story to the group about how they tower came to be. As the story was being told Brendan began to wonder if he really was linked to the legendary chosen one, Lyianus. Once the story was over they reached a Golem and he told them where they needed to go in order to get the "Key". Brendan and the others hopped onto Lyla and as they were flying Raphores began to explain to Brendan about Verenrath and how his spirit managed to live on after he was defeated by him. Eventually they arrived in a forest and Brendan decided it would be best that they look for the one who holds the key by splitting up into different directions. Brendan headed North and arrived in desert. After exploring it for some time he came across a man that was revealed to be Ether. Brendan rehydrated his horse Ebony and put Ether on his horse while he was uncounsious and Brendan rode on Ebony back towards the camp. Before Brendan could leave Krotosen appeared and explained to him that he was indeed Lyianus and told him a story about how Lyianus lead The Oracles, Divine Dragons, White Knights, ETC in the Ancient Tykina War so that they could overthrow the evil overlord Justefar. After the encounter Brendan arrived back to camp and began to take care of Ether and Ebony until Ether awakened and ran off for unknown reasons. Raphores arrives shortly after Ether ran off and Brendan told him about what Krotosen told him. His father confirmed to Brendan that what he said was absolutly true. Brendan excepted his fate as being the Chosen One and vowed to maintain peace and protect his cherished friends. Later Razorak comes flying in and tells Brendan and Raphores that Krogen is in trouble. After being led to Korgen it was revealed that he was taken over by Larikai. When Korgen had a moment to control himself he told Brendan and Aiesha to bring his pendant to his hometown and put it on a certain pedistal and power it up. Brendan, Aiseha, and Raphores quickly rush off but before they get there, Ether attacks Brendan but was saved by his own father. Raphores left Brendan and Aishea to help fight Larikai. After a quick journey they arrived in Korgens hometown and Brendan uses the Silver Light of Divinity to power up his pendant. They quickly return to help Korgen. Korgen managed to stun Larikai after the battle. Afterwards Brendan and the others began to look for Gerosin. Eventually they found Gerosin just after he had defeated Krotosen. Gerosin took the key but Rhade appeared and took the key away from him and returned to the tower. Soon afterwards, Lexxi took Ashen's soul away from her causing Alf and Fravir to begin searching for her. Sometime later Brendan decided to take a short nap since he was getting tired once more. When he fell asleep he had a dream in which Verenrath once again appeared in. Verenrath then warped Brendan and Ashen's body to the ancient castle where Lyianus himself fought his final battle. After a firece battle it has seemed that Verenrath was

going to succed in killing Brendan. As Verenrath was about to plunge the final blow, Raphores appeared and blocked the blow with his own body causing him to die. When Brendan witness his own father die for him it caused the light in his heart to grow greater rather than grow darker from anger. He knew that his father sacrificed himself purely out of the love in his heart and that caused Brendan to finally awaken to his true for which is Lyianus. Lyianus easily defeated Verenrath but somehow Verenrath managed to seal Ashen's body with black magic. Lyianus grabbed Ashen's body and took a book that revealed how to unseal Ashen's body and warped away back to where the others where. When Lyianus appeared, Korgen got to shortly witness Lyianus before he changed back to Brendan. Brendan was extrememly battered and bloody but was healed by Gerosin using the Agies shield. When Brendan awakened he explained what had just happened and explained that they needed a way to unseal Ashen's body. The book that Lyianus found revealed that they needed to find the Soul Shards in order to unseal Ashen's body. Brendan, Ether, and Jencks headed to the North Desert to search for "The Traveling Woman." After following his senses, Brendan's group found a large temple. After exploring the area for sometime the group approached a door that only Brendan could enter. When Brendan entered the room the traveling woman revealed herself to be Lezzen which is Brendan's sister. Lezzen attacked Brendan because she thought he didn't care about thier mother and only cared about Ashen and his friends. After a emotinal battle Lezzen discovered the real truth which was what Brendan was telling her throughout the battle. She discovered the truth after she saw a vision and then was contacted by her own mother through H2H. Afterwards, Lezzen passed out and Brendan retrieved the Soul Shard and carried his sister off with him. Brendan's group returned and everyone else had already retrieved the other spirit shards. After unsealing Ashen's body, Ashen was very thankful and offered to help his sister after the battle with the guardian. After some time the guardian was released and Ether was tricked into being plunged into the Guardians darkness. Brendan could not sense Ether's presence anymore and began to glow silver intensly as the others where running up the tower. When they arrived Ether attacked Brendan and they both fell down into a pit. Ether tricked Brendan and caused the floor from above to collapse onto Brendan. Fravir and Korgen rescue Brendan and quickly heal him. Fravir decided that Brendan needed to come along with him in order to save Ether since he has some sort of deep connection with him. Jencks released an arrow which caused a portal to open that lead inside Ether's heart. Brendan and Fravir quickly entered his heart and appeared in a dark room. Brendan tried to get Ether back to his senses but the darkenss had went deep within Ether's heart causing him to attack Brendan. After a short fight, Brendan and Fravir were thrown out of the Guardian and were knocked uncouncious. Afterwards, Brendan was contacted by his mother via H2H and was sent to the Light Realm afterwards. Insead of Brendan's spirit being there it was revealed that Lyianus was indeed Brendan's true form since Lyianus's spirit was there. Lyianus explained a story to Fravir about who Legion really is and to prepare themselves for an evil greater than any evil they have faced in the past. After Lyianus told his story he was sent back into Brendan's body. Brendan couldn't remember anything that happened just moments ago and noticed that Ether was back to normal and thus begins Brendan's next adventure in Chapter 4.

Chapter FourEdit

After The Guardian fled from the tower, Brendan's sister Lezzen awakened. Lezzen apologized to Brendan sincerley and would always believe what he is telling her from now on. After a short moment of sibling love, Brendan's friends split up and went their seperate ways. The only people left with Brendan was his sister and Jencks. Lezzen told Brendan about a village that hosts a tournament every once a year and thought that it would be a good idea if they could go there to test thier skills. Brendan thought it was a good idea and lead the group towards the village. Geldon and Aiesha decided to join thier group as Brendan's group was heading to the village since they had nothing better to do. When the group arrived at the village everyone in the group signed up for the tournament and everyone headed off to the training arena to work up thier skills while they wait for the tournament to begin which was in 2 days. On the first day of training a young woman in her 20's approached Brendan and it was revealed that the woman's name is Kathra Maye. Kathra begin to brag about how she thinks that him and the rest of his group wouldn't be able to make it through the first round. Brendan simply told her that it didn't matter to him if he lost on the first round or not and that he and his group was just here to test thier skills out then head out to look for The Guardian. Kathra walked off. The next day Brendan developed a new technique which he hoped would help him out the tournament. On the day of the tournament after the rest of his group had finished thier battles (except for Lezzen) Brendan faced up against an old man named Oprantus which had great skills. The old man could use the bow and many different kinds of arrows and could move very quickly. After a fierce battle Brendan used his new technique: Sparkling Silver Cyclone. When Brendan used the attack he managed to defeat the old man and he showed good sportsmanship to the old man by helping him back up on his feet. As Brendan was about to walk back into the waiting room, a strange ? shaped purple colored flame came hurdling down towards the town and burned everyone within the outside of the arena. Brendan managed to save everyone in the arena by using another new techinque called: Ultimate Silver Defense, and blocked all of the flames out. Brendan's group quickly went after the source of the flames which was an unfamiliar dark presence. The group came across a "Trail of Ashes" and followed the path. Eventually Brendan's group approached a Fire Demon that resembled The Devil himself and had to fight the demon. The demon put up a good fight but was defeated by Brendan when Brendan's group used water to weaken it. Brendan could feel the dark presence near by. However, a golden knight blocked Brendan's way and challenged him to a battle. Brendan and everyone else knew that they didn't have the time to play around but the knight persisted and attacked Brendan. Brendan easily knocked the Golden Knight out and the group quickly ran off so that they could catch up to the dark presence. Once again the Golden Knight appeared but this time the knight wanted to reveal who "She" really was. It was revealed to be Kathra and she began to boast and brag about how she thinks that Brendan has a long way to go before he could even be considered a powerful warrior. Brendan really didn't care what she thought and simply told her that she can come along if she wants. As the group began to get closer the Entity revealed himself and took Kathra hostage. The Entitiy threatened to kill Kathra but Brendan simply wanted to help him. The entity released Kathra and knocked her out and the created a circle of flames to keep the fight to just him and Brendan. As the fight went on Brendan tried to tell the entity that he only wanted to help him and wanted to tell him the REAL truth of things. The entity told him a story about how he became cursed and that nobody in the world cared about him and wanted to kill him. He revealed that he hated society and would kill everyone including Brendan and then go after the evil that gave him his incursed powers. Afterwards he revealed his face to Brendan which was torn up and scarred horribly and knocked Brendan out as he jumped on a dragon and laughed maniacly and told him to call him Shrow'd. While Brendan was uncouncious he swore that he would stop Shrow'd from killing any more innocent people and destroy the evil that cursed him with the powers that were given to him. Afterwards Brendan awakened and Jencks began to heal his wounds. After his wounds were healed Brendan explained to everyone what he had heard and seen from Shrow'd. After telling everyone what Shrow'd told him, Brendan decided that they would have to look for Shrow'd again and ask him where the evil that cursed him is located at. Brendan could feel the presence of Alf, Ashen, and two Borkiseigel clones and lead the group to where they were. Brendan and the others watched as Alf unleashed his ultimate attack: Arrow Shockwave on one of the clones. Afterwards Brendan helped Alf and healed him. However even though Alf was healed he was still exhausted from what he had just done. Jencks decided that he would lead the group to where Ashen is. Ashen was about to be killed by the other clone, but Brendan quickly destroyed the clone. After the battle and an emotional moment between Alf and his brother, the group set off again. The group followed Shrow'd's presence for some ways. Kathra began to become impatient and frustrated but Brendan manages to calm her down. Afterwards, several purple flame wolves attacked Brendan and his group. They began to fight off the wolves. During the fight, Kathra used a skill no one knew about which is called: "Aura Absorb." After absorbing Brendan's aura and transfering it to Jencks bow, they managed to defeat all the wolves in one well aimed shot from the bow. Brendan realized that Shrow'd was getting further away. Brendan decided that they would need some mode of transportation that would make them more faster, so he decided to get some horses from the nearby ranch and ride after him on horseback. The group quickly got some horses from the ranch and started to chase Shrow'd's presence again on horseback. Suddenly, Shrow'd's presence mysteriously vanished. Brendan contacted Alf using H2H to find out if he knew where the last place he saw Shrow'd was. Alf tells Brendan that he saw a purple colored dragon heading North of Ashen's castle. Alf also explained to Brendan what had occured in the castle. After the short conversation, Brendan's group galloped towards Ashen's castle. When they arrived, Brendan decided to take a look inside the castle to see what disaster had just happened inside the castle. After exploring the castle, Brendan discovered the possibility of Cassidy still being alive and quickly contacted Alf about the information. Brendan used Cassidie's false Ash's to track down Shrow'd again by going after Cassidiy's aura instead. Kathra began to become impatient again and yelled out in frustration calling Shrow'd a coward for running away from everyone. After the short outburst, a message made of purple flames appeared in the sky and told all of the hero's to come to him if they wish to see Cassidy alive one last time and an arrow was pointing to a hill nearby. When the group arrived at the top of the hill, they saw Cassidy unconcious surrounded by purple flames. Brendan realized that this could be a set up trap and notified the others. Shrow'd suddenly appeared and Kathra became enraged at Shrow'd. Kathra began to attack Shrow'd with her anger and Brendan tried to stop her. Shrow'd quickly hit Kathra in the gut and sent her flying into Brendan. After Shrow'd attacked Kathra, he explained that he didn't want to be saved and the object Brendan wanted to destroy in order to break Shrow'd from the curse was the stone that Cassidy was laying up against. Shrow'd also explained to Brendan that he was looking for the guardian and wanted to befriend it because they were both the same to him. Shrow'd then summoned purple flame warriors and cut Brendan off from the rest of the group while Alf and Ashen arrive. While they were waiting, Brendan tries to tell Shrow'd that him that he just wants to help him, but Shrow'd could care less. Brendan asks why he didn't kill Cassidy and Shrow'd told him that it was because he wanted to make Ashen suffer. Brendan told Shrow'd that he cared about him, but Shrow'd could care less. Soon Alf and Ashen arrive and Alf immideatly becomes enraged at what Shrow'd had done to his brother, Chase. Brendan trys to stop him but he nor Ashen would listen. Because his friends would not listen to him, it caused Brendan to become deeply dissapointed. He knew that what Shrow'd had done to them was letting darkness seep into their hearts and cause them to not believe in the real truth which Brendan knew about Shrow'd. Brendan's aura glew brightly and was almost as strong as it was when Brendan was about to awaken as Lyianus in his fight with Verenrath. Brendan and Shrow'd fought for a moment and it seemed like Brendan was starting to overpower Shrow'd. However, Shrow'd summoned more warriors and changed his form again. Ashen and Alf unleashed their special attacks but Brendan knew that they wouldn't be able to take them down. Brendan began to explain to Alf and Ashen that what he is saying is true and they were letting the darkness seep into their hearts. Brendan then explained that even though their loved ones have died, they never truly died and they continue to live on in their hearts just as his mother and father has. After a short moment, Alf and Ashen realized what they were doing was wrong and believed Brendan. The 3 then unleashed their strongest special attacks and Brendan used Silver Dance of Divnity on Shrow'd in order to enter his heart. When Brendan used the Silver Dance of Divinity on Shrow'd, Shrow'd wanted him to kill him. Brendan refused to kill him and proceeded to enter his heart. When Brendan entered Shrow'd heart, he realized just how dark his heart was. When he traveled deeper into his heart, he saw what appeared to be Shrow'd as a child. The child Shrow'd wanted the darkness to leave. Brendan tried to get to him, but was thrown out of his heart and became unconcious temporarily. Shrow'd then explained the Brendan put himself in danger because of that. Shrow'd explained to Alf and Ashen that theres a great chance that he would become cursed like him and the chances of him not being affected were slim. Fourtanatly, Brendan was unaffected or at least seemed to be and awakened. Alf then told the Brendan and Ashen to use all of their blades light and hit Shrow'd with a combination attack. Suddenly, Shrow'd yelled out in pain and his younger self emerged from within him. The younger Shrow'd destroyed the object that had cursed his older self and freed Cassidy. Shrow'd then fled and took the form of a purple flame phoenix. The younger Shrow'd then explained to the hero's that they needed to go to his hometown in order to discover more about Shrow'd. Cassidy awakens and Ashen is relieved and happy to know that her daughter was still ok. The group then sets off towards Shrow'd's hometown. The group soon arrives in the town and begins to explore the area. Lezzen decided to look on her own. Brendan and Kathra decided to check the inside of one of the houses. The flame that Brendan was holding in his hand appeared to be flickering in the direction of a burned house. Only a corner of the house was still up. The two decided to check over in that area. When they approached it, Brendan suddenly went into a trance. Young Shrow'd then told Brendan to call him Young Flame and to explore his town until he has found the correct place to go. Brendan began to explore Shrow'ds town as it was in the past. It seemed a lot like his own village. Eventually he finds a man in his 40's with a child. YF appeared again and explained everything he needed to know and allowed Brendan to see what exactly happened that caused Shrow'd to become what he is now. It was revealed that Shrow'd's father knew that he would play an important role in the battle against Legion and also discovered that the death of his father and exposure to the cursed stone caused this to happen to him. YF then told Brendan to save his older self and Brendan then exited his trance. Brendan explains all that he had seen and what YF told him. Afterwards, Alf needed to go back to Nibelheim for some reason and left the group. Lezzen realized that she had an important meeting with her ninja master and left the group, but promised that she would return when the time is right. Brendan decided that this would be the best time to teach Kathra some very important things, by showing her all of the places that he had visited in his journeys all the way to where it all began in his village. The two got on their horses and began their journey. They began to journey through every area that he had been to before and Brendan explained everything that had occured there while he and his friends were there. Soon enough they were almost to their final destination which was Brendan's Village (Pandora Village). When they arrived there, the village was burned down to ashes and everyone that survived was slaughtered. When Brendan saw what had become of his village and its people, he broke down complelty with great saddness and felt that he had failed to keep his village safe. Kathra managed to help Brendan get over what had happened and due to her hidden love for him, kissed him. Once they were done, she told Brendan not to tell any of the others about this and then they began to investigate who had done this to the village. After a short search, Brendan comes across a note written by the person that had done this which was Verenrath's son. Brendan wanted to go after him right away, but there were other things that he had to take care of first. The two rode off towards Starros and got back together with the others and waited for everyone else who was still not there yet. The group decided to stay for the night and stayed in seperate rooms. While Brendan was laying down on is bed trying to fall asleep, he began to think about everything he had done so far to get himself to this point in his quest. Eventually he fell asleep and morning came soon after. When the group awakened, they headed out towards the sea to find a boat that would get them to the Drath Continent. Alf suddenly spots someone, who turns out to Aurelius and the old man decided to lead the group towards the port by the sea. Eventually they do get to the sea where they find a boat owned by a drunken sailor. He told the group that they would have to gamble for the boat in order for them to get it. Aurelius manages to beat him and the sailor faints onto the floor. Brendan carries him back inside and they soon board onto the boat. The group decides to let Fravir be the captain of the ship. Since Fravir was the captain, he decided to name the ship The Queen Gardevior. Aurelius decides that this was the best time for him to reveal some things about himself and lets everyone ask him a question. After some of the others had asked their questions, Brendan asked him what he was searching for. Aurelius explains to Brendan that he was trying to find a way to break free from the hex that had befallen from him and that a there was a certain item that he was searching for in order for him to become free of the curse. After the rest had asked the others questions, Aurelius explains to the group that love will only lead you to absolute despair and that love is "A dreadful bond". After his speech the group finally arrives on the Drath Continent and is greeted by Ether and a few drath that were with him. Afterwards, the group rushed into a field where the guardian awaited them, however, Shrow'd had already beaten them to it and communicated with it in his Phoneix form. The group prepares their weapons and Shrow'd slowly changes back to his human form. Brendan tries to get him to understand that he really does care about him and that they don't have to fight. Shrow'd still dosen't care and still believes that only the guardian cares about him. The group gave him choices, Either to join them or fight them. Shrow'd decided to begin his Genocide on the world and the ultimate fight with Shrow'd to save the world began! Thus ending Chapter 4 and starting Chapter 5: The Essence of Chaos!

Chapter FiveEdit

Brendan tried to stop Shrow'd, but Shrow'd had already made his desicion. Brendan told Shrow'd about what the flame child had told him. Shrow'd quickly explained to him that he killed him, but Brendan didn't believe him. Shrow'd then charges toward him and his friends and the battle rages on! After some fighting, Shrow'd once again confronted Brendan and told him that not even Lyianus could defeat him. He wanted to see the power of Lyianus, but Brendan refused to let himself get to that point. Brendan's power increases to be equal to Shrow'd's like in the last battle and the battle continues to rage on for some time. Brendan tried to use an attack on Shrow'd, but the attack was blocked and he was knocked back temporarily. Brendan quickly jumped back to his feet to continue fighting with the others. After battling some more, Gerosin begins to get enraged at Shrow'd for what he had done to his people, but Brendan immideatly told him to not kill him. Gerosin continued to be enraged at Shrow'd. Alf dodged one of Shrow'ds kicks and hit back with his own kick which sent Shrow'd flying into a flame wall. Burning him somewhat. Because of this, he transformed into his Phoenix Form and began to attack them in that form. Gerosin became determined to kill Shrow'd but Brendan and Alf both tried to make him believe in what Brendan had said, which was the truth. Gerosin decided to not kill Shrow'd, but he was still convinced that Shrow'd should be killed for what he had done. Fravir suddenly rushed up to the group with a somewhat evil look on his face and went along with what Gerosin said. Ashen created a sheild to protect them and the battle continued. Soon the group began to use a combination attack on Shrow'd, hoping that would cause some damage and Kathra kept an eye on Brendan while she was fighting his minions. Ashen suddenly was attacked by Shrow'ds flames and Brendan quickly went to see if she was ok. Because of this, Alf began to become enraged at Shrow'd and attacked him out of his own anger. Shrow'd easily knocked Alf back and he landed hard, struggling to get back up onto his feet. Fravir faced Shrow'd next, but was easily knocked back by Shrow'd when he attempted to fight him. Alf went to up to Shrow'd in attempt to stab Shrow'd however, Grace was also trying to attack Shrow'd as well. When she grabbed onto his arm, Shrow'd suddenly began to see a flashback. After the flashback, Young Flame reappeared again and revealed his true form, which was Memphis. Memphis began to fight with Shrow'd while Brendan and the others went after the Guardian. Ether attempted to attack the guardian from the air and managed to land a few blows, but was eventually knocked down and out by the Guradians tendrills. As Brendan was attacking the Guardian with powerful sword beams, Kathra joined his side and took some of his aura energy and began to attack the beast up close. Suddenly, an arrow went flying into Brendan's head and exploded on impact, causing Brendan to fall unconcious for a moment. The person who hit Brendan was an archer named Dezeren, who was soon hit by the guardian and was injured by it's attack. Fravir got back up and attacked the beast and also helped Dezeren out of it's grip and got Ether out of the way in time. While Fravir was attacking the guardian, Brendan was still unconcious and Kathra took notice of this but she was unable to get to him. Because of what the beast did to Brendan, she unleashed one of her special attacks, Aura Explosion, and did decent damage to the beast, causing it to fall over momentarily. Kathra quickly checks on Brendan and it turned out that he was alright. Brendan and Kathra resumed fighting the beast with their attacks. Alf decided that the only way to defeat this beast was to use all of their special attacks on the beast. Brendan told him that he would have to use his attack last since it was close range. However, Rhade quickly stopped them as they were about to attack the beast and told them that he would take care of the beast. He began his process to finally destroy the beast once and for all, but it would take some time though. Soon enough, Rhade had completed the process before the beast could continue to gain strenght and intellegence to beat the Brendan and the others. The guadian was sealed and was finally gone...Now that the guardian was dead, Shrow'd began to fall into despair. However, because he discovered his gift, he decided he would continue killing innocent people like he has done before. The others tried to kill him, but Brendan stopped them and Shrow'd got away before the others could do anything about it. Dezeren decided to reveal who he was and told the others that they should search for Fravir. Brendan went off with Alf, Ashen, and Kathra to search for Fravir when they realized that Grace was missing. Alf hopped that the others would find her. Brendan decided that this would be the best time to tell his friends about what happened to his village. After explaining to them what happened, Alf offered to help Brendan look for the Verenrath's son for him, but Brendan would do this alone except with Kathra. After telling him this, Brendan and Kathra set off and said their farewells to the others and set sail back to the mainland. Once they began to sail the seas, Brendan felt that this would be the best time to tell Kathra about Verenrath. Brendan told her many things about Verenrath such as what his intentions are, the murder of his mother, etc..(More to come soon..)


At first, Brendan adventerous, yet calm at the same time. When he first joined the group he was quiet. Once he got to know everyone he began to become much more friendlier and kind. He is also very helpful and can be somewhat of a leader at times. Whenever he is in a battle or certain sitiuations releated to that he becomes serious and strong willed. He never wants to give up because he wants to protect the world and his cherished.


Silver Aura: The aura powers Brendan up.

Fusion: When Brendans aura is activated he has the ability to fuse with any of the heroes.

Silver Slash Beam: A beam of silver light that is shaped like a slash and on impact causes an intense explosion.

Silver Dance of Light: Stuns his foe with Silver light and launches him/her into the air and uses a powerful combo mid-air and then strikes him/her hard and launches him/her onto the ground.

Lyianus Awakening: In certain situations Brendan's true form will awaken which is Lyianus and Lyianus will fight in his place.

Sparkling Silver Cyclone: Gets into a certain stance and charges his sword. When the sword begins to sparkle he unleashes a powerful 360 wall of energy that can severly damage anyone that is hit by it.

Ultimate Silver Defense: Creates a humongous dome shaped shield of Silver Energy that blocks off any attack.

Well Known Quote(s)Edit

"I will protect my cherished friends!"

"Don't let the darkness fool you! It only makes you believe in what you think is the truth, rather than the real truth!"

"You may think that no one cares about you now....but I care about you!"

"May the light guide you!"

"Even though your loved ones have died..they never truly died. They continue to live on in your hearts! Just like my father and mother has been."


Brendan's Theme:

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