The mysterious Bokrisiegel keeps popping up throughout the adventure. He has been linked to the pasts of Gerosin, Darren, Fravir, and especially Alferion.

Backround InformationEdit

Not much is known of Bokrisiegel's past, only that he has been involved in the Heroes' pasts.

Chapter OneEdit

In Chapter One, Bokrisiegel is the one to give them information on Darren, and he also sends them to the the Tower of Digrestor to train before the first battle with Darren.

Chapter TwoEdit

Bokrisiegel played a much more prominent role in Chapter Two as one the main antagonists. He kept popping up to give bits of information about Alferion's past. Also, as Chapter Two progressed, Bokrisiegel began to possess Alf's heart, causing him to become darker and darker. Eventually this darkness caused Alf to attack his friends, however he proved no match for all of his companions at once. Once unconscious, Saratonia and Fravir entered Alf's heart in search of what was wrong with him.