Barthan Rook first appears in Chapter 5. He is a skilled ranger and wishes to make his own way in life. He adapts to situations quickly and shows anywhere from a touch to a fair dose of arrogance depending on the situation, but is also respectful and in some cases, naive. He really could use a humbling moment, as he has yet to face any great dangers.

In Chapter 5, he begins his quest from a northerly town. As he travels southeast, he somehow avoids the strange trees, the giant desert that is next to the strange trees, and any other landmark described in the first four chapters. After volunteering to help a city's equivalent of the Coast Guard, he first encounters the merry band of heroes. That storm totally wasn't cliche and a plot device to give an excuse as to why he goes north, on a boat, to the Drath continent.

In Chapter 6, he leaves the Drath continent with Dezeren. His destination is a small city conveniently placed on the far side of the Razakimabobber Woods. Also, there is apparently a guard to the woods. Only one. Like he can't just walk 100 yards behind a large rock and enter someplace else.

Eventually, he's going to do something important. At that point, he'll be less naive, but still a little arrogant. And he'll have broken the silence that is months without an ALQ poast.