Aurelius' Companions refers to a group of three travelers that Aurelius spent several years traveling the world with. They are the noble Kelger Vlondett, the arrogant Xezat Surgate, and the youthful Dorgann Klauser. Together along with Aurelius they searched the world for great treasures.

The TrioEdit

Sir Kelger VlondettEdit

Born into a drath family, Kelger Vlondett held a unusual disability: he was unable to morph into his human form. His parents viewed this as more of a gift than a weakness but Kelger felt differently. The other kids would treat him as if he was a beast although he was human then them on the inside. When he turned 18, Vlondett left his family Struggling to get by on his own, he was picked up by a group of adventurers and his life changed forever.

The adventurers were in search of the greatest riches in the world and informed their wolven companion of their previous exploits. Every night Kelger was treated to a swashbuckling tale filled with action, suspense, and all the thrills of an adventure. On one of their trips through a town overlooked by a castle, there was a fire in a nearby building which the drath rished his life to save a girl trapped inside. Learning of his act of bravery the overlooking Queen invited Kelger to join her forces as a full-fledged knight. Waving goodbye to his adventuring companions, Kelger began his time as a nobleman.

Serving as a knight for many years, Sir Kelger learned the ways of chivalry, respect, nobility, and honor that a knight must standby. Although he was more than satisfied with his life as a nobleman, his unquenchable thirst for adventure had not subsided. Explaining this to the Queen, she freed him from his knightly duties so that he might live out his dream. From that point on, Kelger would live out the rest of his life as an adventurer.

Along his way, Vlondett met up with several fellow treasure hunters including a well-endowed scribe, a wealthy magician and his brother, a egotistical swordsman that Kelger would later call Xezat. Kelger and Xezat started off with a bumpy relationship which later grew into a strong friendship. As the two continued their travels, they crossed paths with an aging man who was dissatisfied with the condition of his life. The agreed to help him in exchange for his accompaniment on their journeys which he reluctantly agreed to. This man was Aurelius.

The trio went on several quests for treasure but all ended in upsetting failure. It wasn't until they were joined by the young Dorgann that their luck turned around and they engaged in several profitable adventures. It wasn't long before the greedy Xezat suggested the searh for the greatest treasure yet: The Grail of Galahan. After some arguing, everyone agreed and they began a long and tiring hunt. After many months, the group found the tower, defeated the beast within, and laid their eyes on the chalice. They soon discovered that the cup was guarded by a wraith and the adventures left Aurelius and fled with the grail. Kelger's fate is unknown.

Xezat SurgateEdit

The second son of his parents, Xezat Surgate was born into an extremely wealthy family. The House of Surgate had all the money they would ever need and Xezat prospered greatly. He recieved an expensive education and frequent fencing classes which he excelled at. Due to his family's great wealth, Xezat became a notorious gambler and never lowered his stakes until he lost all his bettings. The caused his family to turn their back on him and he stubbornly left with nothing but his sword and brother, a powerful magician.

The two traveled across the land searching to regain their lost wealth. No matter what money they came across, Xezat's hunger for wealth grew and from his avarice spawned arrogance and impatience. When the brothers were questing for the BlazeBute, a whip once possessed by a demon of the deepest circle of the netherworld, they came across a duo of adventurers on the same journey. One was a short yet beautiful scribe and the other was a wolven knight. At first Xezat held a grudge against the drath but after the betrayal of Vane, Xezat found a brother in him.

Once the journey was over, the scribe retired to her studies and Surgate continued to travel with Kelger. The duo came across a druid who was searching for a purpose. Not wanting to add another split in the profit and rejecting the memory of his brother, Xezat rejected the magician while Kelger wanted him to tag along. While his magic seemed to aid them time and time again, the swordsman rejected Aurelius and frequently questioned his worth. When their team grew even larger with the addition of Dorgann, Xezat wished to pursue the jackpot: The Grail of Galahan. With its power he could live a wealthy life forever.

After the persistent swordsman convinced the others to quest for the chalice, Xezat began to train intensely for the battles to come. Against his better judgement, Xezat coerced the druid into teaching him to meditate, store his energy, and other forms of druid magic. Once they had reached the tower, the swordsman used his skills against the beasts and finally witnessed the most holy grail. Abandoning the old man, Xezat at the other fled with the grail. His fate is unknown.

Dorgann KlauserEdit

Raised on the brink of poverty, Dorgann had a simple life. He had two poor parents that loved him dearly. They couldn't afford an education and his father was always moving them so he could find a better job. One day as they were traveling through a forest he was separated from them. He searched endlessly but couldn't find them anywhere. Eventually, Dorgann left the forest to live in a nearby villeage. Dorgann performed odd jobs to get by and in his meantime he would ask all the residents if they knew of his parents. Once he was sure the townsfolk didn't know a thing, he moved onto the next village.

Over the years, the odd jobs kept Dorgann remaining physically fit and active. By the time he was 22, he had lost almost all hope of finding his parents. In the village D'bar, Klauser met a group of treasure-hunting adventurers that took a liking to him. He reluctantly agreed to travel with them. After the group faced off against a rogue knight, Talos the Great, Dorgann gained his first weapons: an emerald sword and a manticore shield.

As they embarked on countless journeys and Klauser developed a unique bond with each of the other adventurers. The wolven leader that had once intimidated him he now held in the highest esteem. Once he had acquired his blade, Xezat the swordsman was quick in teaching him how to use it. The aging druid held his most respect due to the fact that he saved his life on countless occasions.

When Xezat first suggested they search for the cup of life, Dorgann was eager; he saw it as another challenge. As their longest quest ever dragged on; however, Dorgann grew tierd and hoped for an end. Once they reached the tower and defeated the beast within Dorgann stood in awe of the chalice. As Aurelius struggled with the wraith the three left with the grail. Dorgann's fate is unknown.

Other AdventurersEdit

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