Lady Ashen Lyla Night is a woman of Nobility and one of the four who started the Quest. She has a Daughter named Cassidy, who was kidnapped by Darren, which was the original reason for the Quest. She once had a husband but he died, leaving her and Cassidy alone. She is now in love with Alf, and can use telepathy with him via the Heart to Heart spell. She helped defeat Darren the first time by using most of her magic and her mother's help to create a mortalization potion, she has since lost alot of her magic. Following Alf wherever he goes, she vows to find her daughter as well as help Alf in all he does.



Before the quest, Ashen had a long background history with Darren. Ashen's family was murdered one by one by Darren in revenge for his father. Ashen's mother killed his father, making the mortalization potion once before Ashen. After that, Darren came after her family. This included her mother, her sister and her long ago husband, Ryler. After that, he tried all in his power to make Ashen miserable up until he kidnapped Cassidy. This is when the whole quest starts.

Chapter OneEdit

In the beginning Ashen was just a widowed mother who was constantly at war with Darren. Then one day, he captured her daughter Cassidy, so Ashen asked some knights to help her. This is where she met Alf, Fravir and Stephen. They set out on their journey coming upon Gerosin, she wished he wouldn't hurt them so she gave up herself. She was kept in a cage until she teleported and taught Alf Levitation. It was when she was captured that she told Alf that she loved him. Ashen found Cassidy and began to get ready for the fight with Darren. She almost gave up her life to defeat Darren, but her mother told her she would not die only weaken her. She fainted and finally came back to her friends.

Chapter TwoEdit

In Chapter Two, Ashen becomes a minor role. She feels useless through out this time because of what is happening to Alf. She wants to help her love, yet she feels helpless. When she meets Chase, he goes evil and tries to kill her, but she doesn't have a grudge against him. She has to be revived by Saratonia because of her weakened powers after she fixed the Nevtelluma. Whenever Bokrisiegel tries to take over Alf, she tries to be there. At the end, Darren comes back from the dead somehow. She asks Alf to let her take Darren on and he stabs her in the chest, almost killing her.

Chapter ThreeEdit

Ashen is trapped in the Spirit World, until her mother lets her go. She tells her the stab in the chest will be a constant reminder and she will feel the pain from time to time. She comes back and Alf takes her to Starros. After regaining her strength she is visited by her old love, Ryler. This causes problems with her and Alf, but they get though it. Then Ashen gets in a battle with Darren's daughter, Lexxi. She wishes to kill Ashen to revenge her father. Though the scar in her chest, Lexxi takes Ashen's soul. Ashen defeats her in a battle in the Spirit World and regains her soul, but her body is sealed. She is unable to get back to her body until her friends find The Spirit Shards and then she finally returns to her true form and goes off with her friends to the Tower of Digrestor.



White MagicEdit

Heart to Heart- A spell Ashen was taught when she was little. It is basically a telepathy spell that she teachs Alf so they can always be together

Levitation- Another spell she taught Alf. This spell gives anyone the ability to make things levatate

Telportation- A spell Ashen uses to teleport herself out of her cage. It has the ability to let anyone teleport to wherever they wish, taking away all their strength


Cassidy- Lady Ashen's daughter. Captured by Darren, she is the first purpose of the quest. She has magical powers just like her mother. Lady Ashen taught Cassidy everything she knew. She is rescued then lost again in Chapter 1, Ashen finds out by her fairy, Kayleen that she went back to their castle.

Ryler- Lady Ashen's dead husband. He was killed while attempting to kill Darren. He appears for the first time in Chapter 2. He still has those deep feelings for Ashen, but she has moved on. He is like Ashen's mother, popping in and out from time to time, whenever he needs her. He remains in the Spirit Realm along with Ashen's mother.

Kayleen- Lady Ashen's fairy. Kayleen has been like a pet to Ashen, always willing to help her lady. In Chapter 1, she appears to Ashen while she's in her cage. She goes to Alf to tell him that Ashen loves him. After she tells Alf the message, she remains with Ashen every night. Kayleen stays by Ashen's side while she is a hostage and helps out again in Chapter 3 when Ashen's soul is taken. She helps guide Alf to where Ashen's soul is.

Alferion- One of the first knights that helped Ashen in the beginning. The moment he steps into her castle she feels different towards him. She never thought she would feel the same way again, but somehow he sparked that old flame in her heart. She could tell he loved her when he promised to save her from Darren. She told him she loved him when she was in captivity. After they defeat Darren together, they're deep in love. All they wish is to be together. But several obstacles keep them from being together forever. In Chapter 2, the biggest obstacle comes when Ashen's old lover Ryler appears. Alf leaves with tears in his eyes and Ashen feels as if her heart has been broken. She couldn't not tell him, because she couldn't hide anything from him. She thinks that he will never come back and that their love ends at that road. But, Alf comes back. Ashen might feel at times that she is useless to Alf, but she knows deep in her heart that she is the reason he fights every day.