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Sir Alferion Deotrano is one of the main Protagonists in A Lady's Quest. Alf was from the town of Nibelheim, which was destroyed in a fire caused by Bokrisiegel. his brother left them and his parents were killed.



Alferion Sage Deotrano was born and raised by his parents. Rowen and Lydia Deotrano. Not much is know about his full childhood, except that he had to go through the most devastating losses. His hometown of Nibelheim and his parents.

Chapter OneEdit

He found Lady Ashen and agreed to help her on her quest. Alf then fell in love with her on the journey and she became the source of his power and determination, he eventually had a fight with Gerosin, and helped him to make up his mind concerning serving Darren. upon meeting Bokrisiegel he discovered it was he who burned down his town years ago. Alf had to overcome his sense of pride and personal honor and realize he can't do everything by himself. Alf has become a great friend to all his companions. He was loyal, cunning, and brave. Though sometimes stupid for offering to go off on his own. Later in the fight with darren, he revealed his Bow and arrow and shot an arrow straight into his chest. Though, Darren was not mortalized at the time. Alferion thinks that there is a connection between his Bow and Arrow, and his sacred blade, but he has yet to figure out the connection. (Nor in Chapter 2 or 3) He helped defeat Darren by using his blade to pierce his moralized body.

Chapter TwoEdit

On the second quest, he vowed to destroy Bokrisiegel for ruining his life, however Bokrisiegel possessed him and made him try to attack his friends. had to enter his heart and rid it of Bokrisiegel to make him better again. Though Alf may seem like a strong person, his heart is pretty weak. He usually falls when something pierces something or someone he loves. Alferion was never considered a hero back in his time in Nibelheim because he was too occupied with playing with his brother. Though, one day came when young Alf had to make a decision. Keep playing mindless games, or learn to become a warrior like you were destined to be. Needless to say, he chose the warrior's path. His father, Rowen Deotrano, died in the fire. But somehow, he is able to talk to Alf from the heavens. Rowen has told him that he is proud of the man he has become, and even when Alf falls, Rowen wants to be there to pick him up and guide him in the right direction. But Alf has been doubting whether he has really been hearing his father or not.

Chapter ThreeEdit

Soon after Darren was defeated, Alf has no strenght left, but he goes over to comfort Ashen who is weak from battle. THough Alf has raging anger flowing through him from What Darren/Raphores has done to her, he can not do anythign about it except just wait and see if she will be ok. Alf decides to go with Fravir's plan, and travel to Starros. Riding on Horseback of Fravir's trusty steed, Schala, They make it to Starros. They are able to rest up, and have enough strength to make it through the day. Alf goes into the town and learns so much from the locals. The most important thing he learns is that his blade, The Nevtelluma, is an ancient blade. It was once said that the blade has special powers that only the person who was destined to hold it can use. Alf could never figure out the Blade's true power, but he never gave up on trying to discover the Nevtelluma's Full potential. Alf also discovered that he is one who has been told in a Legend. One who will help save the world. In the battle with the guardian at the Tower of Digrestor, Alferion took the risk of his now dark glowing blade and attacking the Guardian. He failed and was kncoked back. Almost being knocked off the tower. Now everyone knew how powerful the gurardian really was. Later on in the fight, Alferion decided to have Ashen and Korgen merge their ultimate attacks with his. Thunder Bolt Cut, Spirit Beam, and FireBeam. All into one stream of power. As it hit the guardian, he screamed out in pain, but was not defeated. When all seemed lost, Even more trouble broke loose. The guardian took the power that the three heroes were throwing upt, and created a huge ball of darkness and forced it onto the heroes. Alferion had gotten rid of the last of his pride and valiantly told Korgen to take Ashen to a safe place while he took the hit from the attack. Korgen agreed, but Ashen was not going anywhere willingly. The Ball of dark power was getting closer to them, and Alf finally pushed his fears out of the way and pushed Ashen out of the path of the Ball of darkness to take the hit. Though he was not hit by it for Aurelius held back the ball of dark power. But Aurelius and all his might could not hold back the strenght of the dark power. He lost grip on his bad leg and the darkness hit both Aurelius and Alf. He lays there motionless as Ashen tries to go to him. But Korgen holds her back and takes her away to a safe place. Alferion ends up in the light realm, but is not able to wake up. He dreams, but not only is it a dream, it's a message from his father. Telling him his chronicles have not come to an end. And letting him know his next task in Chapter 4.

Chapter fourEdit

Ashen and Korgen had made their way back to the tower. Ashen felt that light feeling as Alf started to open his eyes. She runs over to him and holds him close. Alf weakly exclaims that he's ok. he would never die as long as she is there with him. Later on, The group decides to go their seperate ways. Alf and Ashen travel back to Starros. They first arrive there, and Reonear does not hesitate to greet them both. He realizes a slight difference in Alf though.. No Nevtelluma. Though this time, Alf is working on his archery. Reonear takes Alf up to the same room that he was in earlier on in the quest, and Alf collapses on the bed. He is out cold for 3 hours. Alf awakens and the first thing he notices is how weird it feels without the Nevtelluma. He starts to think that if he were to face bokriseigel now, he would surely be defeated. But he was proved wrong when he recieves a letter from Chase explaining the special powers and the connection between the Nevtelluma and the Quiver of Light. Alf, though, is feeling a bit doubtful about it. Reonear senses the doubt and takes Alf into the open area in the woods to execute the special move that ONLY the Quiver of Light can do. Arrow Shockwave. As the quest continues, Alf finally faces Bokriselgel with Ashen. Both of them together, combining their auras, were able to defeat him. Alf had looked down where he had defeated bokriseigel, to see a light blue stone. Though when Bokriseigel was finally defeated, clapping was heard nearby. The mysterious figure that had taken Ashen's daughter, Cassidy, had been examining the fight. He issued 2 flamed clones of Bokriseigel and forced both Alf and Ashen to fight alone. But before Afl and Ashen had any idea that They were there, Chase was stabbed in the gut by one of them which causes ALf to nearly go crazy. His pride was starting to return to him. Alf and Ashen learn the name of the mysterious figure as he flies away. The name is Shrow'd. Through tough battling, and desperate maneuvers, both Ashen and Alferion are able to defeat the Flamed clones of Bokriseigel. Reonear had offered to take Chase back to Starros in attempts to heal him, but he was unable to. Alf and Ashen had traveled back to Starros. Alf heads upstairs to see Chase. He sees the blood oozing out of Chase's wound. Alf, with all his love and pain, tries the healing spell on Chase. In the process, Alf had noticed that Chase.... had already died. Alf carries Chase downstairs into the lobby of the inn, and tells everyone there "This is something I must do. My parents never got a proper burial.. By God, I won't let the same thing happen to my brother. I'm off to Nibelheim." Ashen, though, was unaware that Alf had left until she got a heart to heart from Alf. Alf had arrived in Nibeleim, and as he laid Chase on the cold wet ground, he had a vision from Chase that brough Alferion to tears. After he buried Chase, He decided to stay there for a while and remember all the times he had lost...



White MagicEdit

Heart to Heart  : Taught to Alf by Ashen. He first used this spell when they were stuck at the cliff and had no way to get down. Alf had to use the Heart ot Heart on Ashen in hopes that she could teach him Levitation. (See Below)

Levitation : Also taught by Ashen. This takes a lot of energy out oo someone. But if this is their first time, They almost have no strength left to do anything. Levitation consists of 3 steps. 1. Concentration 2. Determination 3. Focus

Heal : From the stories Alf had heard in the book of legends, he had an idea of his Sword's power. And he remembered one of them was heal. But he could never figure it out. Until one day, a stranger by the name of Aurelius, helped him figure it out. More like, he controlled his power for a few moments and healed Ashen. Alf now knows how to heal. One out of 4 special powers completed.

Black MagicEdit

Thunder Bolt Cut : Passed down to Alf by his father. He only thought it was a joke, but when he used it, he found out he was wrong. For Thunder bolt Cut, Alf will stand there, and optionally chant : "Nevtelluma, Hear my Plead. Rid the darkness in front of me. Give me strength or let me die. As I hold this blessed blade in the sky". Without Chanting that, it will take a lot more energy out of Alf to summon the Thunder from the sky.

Arrow Shockwave : Taught to him by his brother, Chase. Arrow Shockwave is a very tricky move to master. Even Alf hasn't mastered it yet, but he uses it to his advantage when he uses his bow and arrows. Basically, When someone is ready to use Arrow Shockwave, Their Aura (Alf's is light blue) will shine bright and energy will be flowing from the person. It is not sure of the damage leve this attack has, but if done right, it can be fatal.



Chaston Deotrano (Preferable known as Chase) is Alf's older brother. He is 24, while Alf is 21. Chase was under the control of Bokriseigel for a while. One week before the fire to be exact. Chase never wanted to leave Bokriseigel's side, but at the same time, he wanted to go back to his loving little brother. But Bokriseigel had other plans for Chase. Weilding his sword that he had crafted with his father, Rowen, Chase had once made a deal with Bokriseigel saying " I will serve you if you will let me see my little brother. I know he is alive! I can feel it!" So Bokriseigel agreed.. Not knowing that Chase was pulling a fast one on him. After Alf and the group's battle with Darren/Raphores, Chase makes his first appearance. Though, before Alf can catch up with his long lost brother, He disappears form a smoke screen and Alf blames Messre for it.

Though not too much time went by before Alf and co. made it to Nibelheim. In that burnt down city, Alf had been under the influence of Bokriseigel himself. And in that time, Chase had been under the control of Bokriseigel. He called him out for a battle against his brother. Chase might of been under Bokriseigel's control, but he was crying on the inside, because he thought that Bokriseigel's strength combined with Chase's Agility would kill his loving little brother. But Alf didn't give up. He pushed his pride aside and valiantly fought his brother with tears in his eyes. Soon enough, Chase got the strength to push Bokriseigel's control out of his way. Now that Bokriseigel was out of the picture.. or so it seems.. Now Alf is under the control of Bokriseigel. The old memories of the night of the fire had made his mind weak and easier to control. Now it was Chase's turn, with the help of Ashen, to break Alf free of his spell. After that was through, Alf had discovered that Chase had the other peice of his blade. Once he got the hilt from his brother, The blade was complete. Now the blade is The Nevtelluma.

Later on, Alf had traveled back to Starros where Chase had been waiting for him. Chase had noticed something strange about him when Alf arrived. Though he could not make it out, he had the feeling that something tragic had just happened. Soon enough, Alf had told him of the troubles with Bokriseigel and how he had to face him. Chase did not want him to go without any help, but Alf insisted that he stay in Starros where it would be safe. After Alf left, Chase and Reonear made an agreement to go and help Alf. They both arrived at the scene when Alf and Ashen had just defeated Bokriseigel. Chase ran up to Alf making sure he was ok. And just wne all seemd ok, Chase got stabbed in the gut by a flamed Bokriseigel that Shrow'd had created. Alf, enraged, fought his version of the Flamed bokriseigel. After Both of the Bokriseigels were defeated, Alf goes down to his knees and tries to bring Chase back to life. He was able to, but not for long. Reonear escorted Chase back to Starros, and when Alf got there, He tried to heal the wound. But by the time the healing started to take effect, it was too late.


Rowen is Alf's deceased father. Rowen was living in Nibelheim always taking care of Alf and Chase. Rowen was a warrior when he was in his youth. He once wielded The Nevtelluma, but he could never figure out any special powers with it. So he read through some books and found out that his youngest son, Alf, was destined to be the warrior to wield The Nevtelluma. He had Chase train him in the ways of the sword when Alf was only 7. Though Alf never really took any interest in it back then. Years went by, and Alf has learned a lot about sword fighting, but his father has sealed away the name of his blade from Alf. When Rowen was ready to tell him his destiny, Bokrisiegel set fire to the village of Nibelheim. Rowen was running around town looking for a way to put out the fire, but his wife, Lydia, has told him that there would be no way to put a fire of this magnitude out. So Rowen and Lydia waited for Alf to come running out of his home. Rowen has told him to get out of here. Alf, still regretting, agreed to leave. After Alf left the town, Rowen and Lydia both held hands and stood there waiting for death to come. Before they died, Rowen heard Cokriseigel's voice call out "Rowen Deotrano, Lydia Deotrano. You are foolish to be standing here waiting for your death. But at the same time, you are making my work easier. Your son, Alferion Deotrano will make a great addition to my legion."


Years later, Alf is running through the Forest from the shock of what Ashen has just said to him. Rowen sees him struggling and decides to throw his voice out to his struggling son. Rowen, though he is dead, is able to communicate with Alf to help him through his quest. Rowen has all the information about Alf's Legacy, but has yet to tell him everything.



Alf's first met Ashen in her castle on the first day of the quest. Alferion walked in searching for a way to get his revenge for the fall of his family in Nibelheim. He joined the quest along with Fravir and Stephen. When he fisrt laid eyes on Lady Ashen, his first thought was "Wow, she's beautiful. Could she be the one I've been searching for?" One Alferion joined her quest for the destruction of Darren, everything started to fall into place. Although Alf's love for Ashen was never known until Ashen got taken away by Gerosin. Alf fell onto his knees with Stephne saying "It's ok. We'll get her back. She's our friend too." And Alf reveals teh secret to everyone saying "She more than just a friend to me.. She's..." Now everyone did the math and found out Alf's true purpose. Lady Ashen had the same feelings for Alferion, little did he know. But when Alferion tried using Heart to Heart on Ashen, that's when the crossroads were connected. She told him that she loved him too. That gave Alferion the strength to overcome anything. Although Alf still had to learn to overcome his pride because that was his weakness in every battle. Lady Ashen would often feel it when Alferion got injured, felt numb, or even just cried. Ashen could not stand being away from Alf. She had to be in his arms. Alferion screamed out while in the forest "This is a promise! Even if I die, I will rescue you, Ashen! I love you!!"

Lady Ashen and Alferion's relationship can be described as love that can not be torn apart. As seen in the Starros Woods, Lady Ashen had an encounter with her old love, Ryler. This caused Alf to have questions amongst himself. Lady Ashen felt so bad to tell him that, but she couldn't hold that secret back from him. Another 20 minutes later, Alferion came back apologizing saying that he did not understand. He was in tears of the misunderstanding. Though, He did not know Ryler, he was thinking that she would go back to him. Thankfully, His father, Rowen, told him everything. Later on, they made it back with the group, and Ashen was usually the one who would get injured or nearly killed. This caused Alferion to unlock his greatest strength. Love. Fighting for his love, he was able to help get through any obstacle. Though after the battle, You would always see Alf at the side of Lady Ashen hoping to see her beautiful eyes. Eventually, she would wake up and she would be in his arms.

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-The name "Alferion Deotrano" was a creation of Cap's. Alferion was a name for a character Cap used in one of his stories, while Deotrano is another word for Deotrona: a Lake in Cap's "Dark Wolf"

-Deotrona was derived from the word "duodecagon"