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Chapter LinksEdit

A Lady's Quest Chapter 1:

(New? Want to experience ALQ from the very beginning? Enjoy the beginning of the classic tale!)

A Lady's Quest Chapter 2:

(The dramatic "Part-2" to the original ALQ with a selection of new friends and new foes! Need to relive the rise of Legion's most destructive warriors?)

A Lady's Quest Chapter 3:

(Enter the heroes quest to return the Key to the Tower of Digrestor, before The Guardian breaks loose. Can they scale the tower in time?)

A Lady's Quest Chapter 4:

(When the heroes seperate, they all embark on their own seperate quests. But how will the heroes fair against the all-new evil that confronts them?)

A Lady's Quest Chapter 5:

(A brand new adventure featuring the heroes journey across the continent of the powerful drath. What will be the outcome of this most strange encounter?)

Audio ClipsEdit

Want some audio Clips of certain scenes? We've got them right here!

Alferion's Fight with Gerosin (ALQ Chapter 1) -

Alferion's Deadly Nightmare (ALQ Chapter 2)-

Ether Embarks (ALQ Chapter 3) -

Alf and Ashen's First Heart to Heart Together to Fravir (ALQ Chapter 3) -

Alferion's Misunderstanding (ALQ Chapter 3) -

Alferion Visits Nibelheim For the Last Time (ALQ Chapter 4) -

Lexxi Possesses Ashen / Alf Confronts Dezeren (ALQ Chapter 5) -

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    Summary: /* Gerosin, alongside the other heroes land at the Drath continent to find themselves immediately locked in battle between them, Shrow'd's forces, and the rampaging Guardian in the distance. Gerosin, alongside Alf and Brendan, are the first party to
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