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Chapter LinksEdit

A Lady's Quest Chapter 1:

(New? Want to experience ALQ from the very beginning? Enjoy the beginning of the classic tale!)

A Lady's Quest Chapter 2:

(The dramatic "Part-2" to the original ALQ with a selection of new friends and new foes! Need to relive the rise of Legion's most destructive warriors?)

A Lady's Quest Chapter 3:

(Enter the heroes quest to return the Key to the Tower of Digrestor, before The Guardian breaks loose. Can they scale the tower in time?)

A Lady's Quest Chapter 4:

(When the heroes seperate, they all embark on their own seperate quests. But how will the heroes fair against the all-new evil that confronts them?)

A Lady's Quest Chapter 5:

(A brand new adventure featuring the heroes journey across the continent of the powerful drath. What will be the outcome of this most strange encounter?)

Audio ClipsEdit

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Alferion's Fight with Gerosin (ALQ Chapter 1) -

Alferion's Deadly Nightmare (ALQ Chapter 2)-

Ether Embarks (ALQ Chapter 3) -

Alf and Ashen's First Heart to Heart Together to Fravir (ALQ Chapter 3) -

Alferion's Misunderstanding (ALQ Chapter 3) -

Alferion Visits Nibelheim For the Last Time (ALQ Chapter 4) -

Lexxi Possesses Ashen / Alf Confronts Dezeren (ALQ Chapter 5) -

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